Why choose MSM? - The whole ethos about MSM is to give the best value for money possible and teach people to drive safely on Britains roads. MSM offers high quality, professional driving instruction in a smart modern comfortable car. Although road side briefings are nescessary, the focus is always to give as much instructed practical driving time as possible. How else are you going to have faults identified and corrected. If you get good instruction in your lessons you will reach test standard sooner and it will cost you less.

What is a guidance drive? - If you supervise private practice with an MSM learner then you have a unique opportunity to take advantage of a guidance drive. I drive the car whilst you sit in the passenger seat and I demonstrate typical faults that the learner needs to correct and advise on how you can help.

What area does MSM cover? - Lessons are in Shrewsbury and surrounding areas. Please enquire if you require lessons further out? 

Where do we meet for lessons? - The choice is yours; it might be your house, school, college, place of work or any other place that you choose. I will drive to you. The pick up place does not have to be the same as the drop off place. Sometimes this can be convenient for people who might have otherwise caught a bus or taxi somewhere.

How many lessons will I need? - The DSA (Driving Standards Agency) quote this: "Research shows that learners who have a combination of professional instruction and private practice do better at the driving test. On average, those who pass have had 47 hours of professional instruction and 20 hours of private practice". It is likely however that most people with good instruction in their lessons will do better than that.

How will I know my progress and when I'm ready for my test? - When you book lessons with MSM you will be given a personal progress card. At the end of each lesson we will fill it in together and mark the skill level achieved in each driving subject. When all subjects are at test standard you are ready.

Whose car do I use? - Your lessons will be in a specially adapted car supplied by me. It is equipped with dual brake/clutch pedals and extra mirrors so that when driving under instruction you are kept safe. Usually pupils like to use this car for the test and you will pay for the time as if it were a lesson. If you have arrangements to use another car for supervised private practice in between lessons this well help towards your success.

When do I pay for the lessons? - Generally at the start of each lesson or before. Cash, cheque or online bank transfer is usual.

How do I prepare for the theory test? - It is often helpful to have some lessons before taking your theory test but is by no means essential. The earlier you take it the better, the theory knowledge will help you on the road. Studying a little and often is usually best There is material around offering mock tests, these can be useful to identify any gaps in your knowledge. There is a video on the DSA video page explaining how the theory test works. I advise use of the following publications: The Highway Code, Know your Traffic signs Driving the Essential Skills, DVD for practising hazard perception and mock theory tests (there are various).

How soon after my theory test can I take the Practical driving test? - As long as you are ready, staright away is the answer, however you must pass the practical test within 2 years after passing the theory test. If you leave it longer you will have to sit and pass the theory test again before taking the practical test.

What about Pass Plus? - MSM is Pass Plus registered and offers a complete course covering all the required modules. This normally takes 6 hours but if it takes longer you will still pay the same price. You will be given all the nescessary material and a list of insurers who will offer a discount once a Pass Plus course has been completed.

What if I'm already having lessons with another instructor and want to change? - When you pay for lessons you are a customer and you should expect a good service. If you don't get that then you should look at changing your driving instructor. There is nothing to stop you.

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