Prepare For Your Car Theory

Highyway Code / Driving The Essential Skills

Knowledge of the highway code is essential for safe driving and when preparing for your theory test. The DVSA also produce a book called "Driving The Essential Skills" that contains must have information on driving safety and techniques. There are many places to buy copies of both, such as Amazon, ebay, WH Smith etc.

The Highway Code contents are on line here:View the Highway code on line

Show Me Tell Me Questions

At the start of a driving test two Car safety questions will be asked, comonly know as "Show Me Tell Me Questions". If it is a "Show Me" question, you have to demonstrate something. If it is a "Tell Me" question, you will have to explain something. It is not nescessary to answer the questions parrot fashion but the meaning must be correct.

Try out the questions interactively here: Show Me Tell Me interactive

Open a pdf of all the questions and answers that you can print off here: Show Me Tell Me printable